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Monday, September 13, 2010

So... Nukes...

So I found out something pretty crazy, and I think you'll all agree.
The only units able to live through a nuke is the Protoss Mothership, and the Protoss Immortal. I didn't believe it at first so i had to take it to the test. Roughly 5 minutes of making a ums game to test it, and try it. I could not believe my eyes. I don't think i've ever laughed that hard in months.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The result!

And the vote comes to...

TTONE! So i will be soon doing a commentated game of TTOne!

Look on my youtube channel for updates!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Next Replay Commentary

Cast your vote everyone! I'm thinking of which replay i want to commentate next, so choose wisely!

IdRa Vs qxc

TTOne Vs ???

mouzMorroW Vs mTwNightEnD

Cast your vote here, or on the right is a poll!!!!

Choose wisely my viewers!

Game it up; The NYK Style

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The NYK Style - Terran

The Guide For Terran strategies has been moved to my StarCraft 2 Strategies blog!

Go and check it out at !!!!

Hope to see you guys there! Follow me! And i'll keep updating this blog as well! See ya guys!

Add me on SC2!

Here is my Character Code. My Username is NayKu   !!! Add me on StarCraft 2, and I will Real ID you. Just tell me who you are, and I will add you back :). ( Cuz no way no how am I posting my email on here. )

I've been slacking on the Videos on my youtube channel, i know. But I've been really busy lately.

Hope to see you guys on StarCraft 2!!! :D

-Game it up; The NYK Style

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I feel Pretty pro

I logged into my StarCraft 2 account today, and realized.. I'm pretty good at this game, even for a commentator. Now look, i know what you're all thinking " ALL COMMENTATORS ARE GOOD. " No, they aren't. Just because they commentate, doesn't mean they are necessarily good. But anyways, I just wanted to share my record with you guys, and also; today i'm going to be uploading another youtube video! So come and check it out!

Take care guys, and keep in touch! Looking forward to bringing you more videos!

Game it up; The NYK Style

And, the Winner is..... NUMBER 1!

Yes indeed, you guys voted, and it seems that the winner is Number 1!! (The red, and yellow)

This will now be used for my new replays that i commentate, and used for the bottom right for the replay counter!

Thanks for the support, and votes you guys!

Take care guys, and keep in touch! Looking forward to bringing you more videos!

-Game it up; The NYK Style

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Replay Image covers!

So I took about 20 minutes today after I got done doing some StarCraft 2 matches. And decided I should get started on those watermark, image overlay, replay timer overlay, whatever you want to call it, its a watermark in general.

So without further a due; i bring you my 3 top picks.

Tell me which one you like better, weather it being in this comment, or on the poll to the right!

-Game it up; The NYK Style

Replay Image "Watermark"

So I have been requested by people on my blog, YouTube channel, and Clan members that i add a water mark over the Replay timer, and controls. Example; Husky, and HUSKY over is, or CROTA, and CROTA over his.

I was just wondering what you guys think I should put.

I'm thinking something like NYK:SC2 or N   Y    K.

Tell what you guys think! Please put some REAL input into it! I like to hear what my fans think! I can virtually do anything on photoshop! So speak up!

Thanks you guys! Keep following!

-Game it up; The NYK Style


I actually just got up at 2:30AM PST, after doing nothing but sitting around.

When i got up, i realized that my YouTube channel is starting to get popular. ( Over 600 video views, and 80 channel views. ) But there was something that was quite odd. Out of all of those views, and channel views... I only have 4 subscribers? 4?!!?! That's absurd!
But wait... What is my youtube channel? And what is it about?
Well pop-a-squat, and i'll tell you!
If you are a StarCraft 2 Player, or enjoy watching people play the game with some commentary in the background, then my youtube channel is for you! non-the-less, it's for everyone! I'm trying to get myself out there, so i can start producing more videos for my viewers! Currently i'm only doing 1 commentated video a day, but i'm looking to do more that that, when i reach more subscribers!

I hope all of you check it out, and maybe sit down and watch some of my videos, and if you like it; then SUBSCRIBE! I will be taking shout-out replays, votes on replays, and more!

Come now, and Check it out! NYK StarCraft!

-Game it up; The NYK Style

Monday, August 30, 2010

My YouTube Channel

Today was a good day. I woke up, and decided to be a little proactive on my computer, instead of scrolling through google images, watching random videos on youtube, and messaging my friends through Facebook.

With the noted, i made a background for my Youtube channel!

low and be hold, it was terrible to get it perfect on the left site, it took me over 5 tries, but i eventually got it!
And here it is!

-Game it up; The NYK Style

Keep a marshmallow warm with a fire 

The FIrst Blog!

I will be using this blog to update my followers on YouTube!

As this is my first blog, i will be explaining what my YouTube channel is about.

( My YouTube url is )

First of all, all videos i upload are actual replays of actual players. I usually upload new replays, and not old replays that are from the Beta of StarCraft 2. As of now, i only upload commentated videos of replays from professional players, weather it being someone in a tournament, or famous around the world. Or someone who is a top diamond league player in Korea. Soon i will have lessons on Strategies, Mental Mind games with your opponent, and other extrordinary things that will help everyone in the long run with their StarCraft 2 gameplay.

I hope to see you guys subscribe to not only my Blog, but also my YouTube channel.
Keep up-to-date here, and soon i will be taking requests for videos, suggestions, and input.

-Game it up; The NYK Style.