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Monday, August 30, 2010

The FIrst Blog!

I will be using this blog to update my followers on YouTube!

As this is my first blog, i will be explaining what my YouTube channel is about.

( My YouTube url is )

First of all, all videos i upload are actual replays of actual players. I usually upload new replays, and not old replays that are from the Beta of StarCraft 2. As of now, i only upload commentated videos of replays from professional players, weather it being someone in a tournament, or famous around the world. Or someone who is a top diamond league player in Korea. Soon i will have lessons on Strategies, Mental Mind games with your opponent, and other extrordinary things that will help everyone in the long run with their StarCraft 2 gameplay.

I hope to see you guys subscribe to not only my Blog, but also my YouTube channel.
Keep up-to-date here, and soon i will be taking requests for videos, suggestions, and input.

-Game it up; The NYK Style.


  1. awesome blog, following you check out my blog too!:D,

  2. ownage! add me back! i love starcraft

    we need to make additional pylons

  3. damn awesome!

  4. Will be following this great blog for sure.
    Cheac out my blog.

  5. I love starcraft, definitely gunna check out the youtube blog too.

    Just started my own, I'm gunna post comics.